What is the difference between i.ride and free ride modes ?
When on freeride mode, iweech does not guarantee you to have enough battery to reach your destination, because iweech does not know where you go (either not predictable or not filled inApp). But you access to the personalized automatic power assistance management "SMART CONTROL" with two profile levels: “OPTImum” for best comfort if level of battery is > 30%, and “ECOnomic” (which is degraded from OPTI) if under. When on i.ride mode, iweech guarantees you to always have enough energy to reach your destination. iweech provides you with the access to the special feature of SMART CONTROL  that manage permanently your level of assistance to allow you to always have enough energy to reach destination with the best possible comfort.

How does IWEECH intelligence works to provide personalized assistance ?
Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence iweech learns from each of your journey’s and incorporates many parameters that will allow good prediction of your needs. It includes your personal needs as well for ideal comfort while riding, the characteristics of the course itself, the environment (ie. weather, wind, T°), the state of the components and of course the level of available energy in the battery real time. From there iweech can predict your next trip, but also the need for the associated assistance real time to bring yourself ideal comfort plus the need for energy to arrive in these conditions. Then, regardless of the level of energy available on start, iweech decides and applies in real time the right level of support necessary to:
· Permanently and automatically provide you with your optimum level of assistance
 ·Guarantee always enough energy to assist you until you reach destination.

Do I need to enter personal parameters like my weight or age … to fill in the iweech intelligent system?
No, you don’t need to fill in any parameters at all in the system, iweech artificial intelligence works on its own, it learns from all your ride and calculates itself all the values it needs to be efficient. Adding to this, iweech system is fully encrypted and compliant with the EU GDPR regulation.

What is the smart button ?
The iweech smart button is exclusive to iweech, it allows you to manage everything on your iweech from a single point:

 1. Access all the information you need about your riding and the status of the bike, including the current mode: standby / i.ride / free.ride / storage, battery level and component status. interaction with the bike to change mode, or to change profile from freeride mode (OPTI / ECO)