Why buying a iweech bike?
Iweech is the first smarbike in the world, it is probably the simplest bike to use in the market, you just pedal and then iweech does everything. It saves you from trying to find the good speed gear or the good level of assistance while pushing or pulling several buttons. Iweech is the only bike that takes your habits into account as a rider, and offers you the right level of assistance at any moment with the perfect torque in any case. Iweech introduces a new standard on the market: “The smartbike”, beautiful and intelligent it brings pleasure and efficiency, releases constraints and secures both your ride and itself.

How and Where can I buy my iweech bike?
You can purchase your iweech directly from our web site, or from one of our authorized dealers

in which countries do you sell iweech ?
For the moment, We deliver our bikes exclusively in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom (excluding Outer Hebrides, Lerwick shetland, Jersey and Northern Ireland), Austria, Germany, Italy and in Spain (excluding the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands excluded).

Why my iweech is good for me?
For many reasons...
First iweech will help you to save time and money while going to the office or shopping in town (no traffic jam to worry about, no parking or gasoil to pay for), iweech is a sustainable product and it will provide you pleasure, serenity and proven health benefit over the time.

Does my iweech will fit me?
Yes, iweech is a one-size-fits-all concept, its frame design gives universal fitting for women and men ideally from 1m60 to 1m90, plus it has an adjustable saddle and stem height. Your iweech bike will accept a maximum of 110kg under the ISO 4210 certification rules.

How much does my iweech bike weigh?
iweech is light, it weighs about 18.5 kg including battery, which is 5 to 7 kg less than the average weight of an electric bicycle on the market.

Does my iweech offer accessories?
The good news is that iweech comes fully equipped with LED headlights, its kickstand and mudguards included, so you don't have to spend any more money to get started. You can also purchase the front carrier with straps and many more accessories to come in the accessories section of our website.

Can I use my iweech off road?
iweech is an urban specific e-bike; however, riding on gravel paths is fine.

How many speeds has iweech?
iweech is a single-speed bike with a fully intuitive assistance. Iweech comes with an overboosted engine with a torque of 90NM almost 3 times more than classic urban ebikes, it allows us to offer 0 to 100% of this power to assist you in all conditions, from restarting at red lights to steep hills. Just hop on the bike and pedal, iweech will do the rest for you, no need to change gears or monitor the assistance level, iweech is fully automatic. It's as simple as that.

Iweech assistance is fully automatic, will it be efficient on hills?
Of course, you can use your iweech to climb up hills. Whether on i.ride or freeride mode, iweech automatic assistance will always get you up the hill with the best level of comfort although as an urban e-bike iweech remains less efficient for gradient over 12%. Finally, remember that if you are on i.ride mode, iweech may smartly degrade the level of assistance on certain smaller hills to allow you to reach the destination.

Where is my iweech made?
iweech is designed in Marseille France. We design the whole intelligence system at our office in France. We produce our stem, frame and fork in Bulgaria and  Taiwan under our own designs. Other parts are sourced only from top level OEM brands from Europe, USA, and Taiwan. We run quality control checks on them and bring them into our workshop in Marseille France where we self assemble the bikes. Then we’ll ship them to your door step. We’ve established a strong supply chain to guarantee delivery timing and quality.

Do I need to wear a helmet on my iweech ?
We strongly recommend you ride with an approved bicycle helmet.

Am I entitled to financial aid?
There are many financial aids and bonuses in Europe to encourage the purchase of an electric bike.You will find below the subsidies to which you are entitled in France, but they are a lots of aids in Belgium, Netherland, Austria , Germany etc…. Those information's are provided under the normal reserve of use, they may change from one day to another. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need pro forma invoices to get them.
In France:
Île-de-France (Paris): Purchase bonus of 500 €. Nantes: Reimbursement of 25% of the purchase price (max 300 €).
Bordeaux: Refund of 25% of the purchase price (max 300 €).Nice: Refund of 25% of the purchase price (max 150 €).
Bouches-du-Rhône: Refund of 25% of the purchase price (max € 400).
Toulon: Refund of 25% of the purchase price (max 250 €).
Marcq-en-Baroeul: Purchase bonus of 300 €.
You can download here the declaration of conformity which you will need to access the premium