With a fully charged battery how long can I use my iweech?
Iweech 500Wh battery allows you to ride from 70km up to 165km with full charge depending on use,  and our team already reached further than 220km on i.ride mode, but the real innovation is that :
 1) With the iweech smart gauge you know precisely how far you can ride
 2) Using the iweech i.ride mode, will always guarantees you to reach your destination with enough battery.
 So no need to worry about the « Km allowance ». iweech introduces a total new approach of the available range.

Do I have to remove the battery to charge it?
No. It is not necessary to remove the battery from the frame to charge it. But iweech battery is removable.

How long it takes to fully charge the battery?
To fully charge the battery it takes ~3,5 hours. The battery will reach 60% charge in one and a half hour

Do temperatures influence a battery?
Yes it does. Outside temperatures can be of great influence on a battery. For instance, the range and power output of a battery will be better in mild/warm weather compared to use in sub zero temperatures. (sub zero temperatures can take the maximum range to half the normal range in some cases). Also, charging a battery in sub zero temperatures may damage the battery, therefore we recommend to take the iweech bike or the battery inside until it is at room temperature before charging.