How does the anti-theft tracking work?
Your iweech has its own GPS system and GSM SIM (4G) card inside. This allows you to track the bike wherever it is and to visualize its exact position on the map in case of theft ("GPS anti-theft tracking") in your mobile application (settings section). Please note that access to the anti-theft GPS tracking card is only available in case of theft of the bike (this means that your iweech has been stolen and the alarm is activated etc...).

How do I turn ON/OFF the antitheft system and What is happening?
To activate the anti-theft defense system, simply use the NFC key and pass it in front of the beam or use the padlock within the mobile app. Your armed bike will respond with a loud warning sound if a thief moves it, and the alarm system will remain ON if the thief doesn’t back the iweech down. Then iweech will disconnect its own motor and battery to save energy and to prevent any further use of the bike, plus you will receive a notification alert (bike stolen) directly on your smartphone. Once the anti-theft system is switched ON, you can track your iweech location real time until you or the police find it. To switch OFF the antitheft mode, simply pass the NFC key in front of the beam or let your App reconnect to the bike and unlock the padlock inApp.

What should I do if my iweech is stolen and I track it on my Map?
We strongly recommend to you, to call up the police and show them the tracking map and the position of your iweech, indeed beyond the fact that trying to get your bike back by yourself can be dangerous, only the police has the right to organize an intervention to find it and catch it back from thieves.

If someone steals my iweech can’t they download the app and then use the bike?
No, only your account can paired with your iweech according to our system of recognition.

Is the ABUS bike lock you are selling compatible with the bicycle?
Yes, we worked with ABUS to find a good integration of the lock on the IWEECH bike. It is fixed natively below the frame, thanks to the three holes we designed. It has been observed that some customers have problems with their locks which tend to come out of their jaws. ABUS replied that it is also intended to be used facing downwards, even under the frame, but recommends being particularly careful when folding the lock, especially in rainy weather where the rubber is slippery.