Loxi Secure Bike Bag


The LOXI secure and waterproof bike bag keeps your belongings safe thanks to its ingenious locking system, its 4-digit padlock and its double waterproof and anti-cut coating. LOXI can also be used as a spare lock for your bike.

The capacity of LOXI L is 9 litres. You can store any bicycle helmet, gloves, lights, mackintosh, safety waistcoat inside.


  • – Weight: 660 g
  • – 1st layer: Waterproof PVC sheeting
  • – 2nd layer: Anti-cutting fabric level 5
  • – 12mm diameter anti-theft cable with 4 digit code
  • – Sealed roll-up closure
  • – LOXI also includes an inside pocket with zip.
  • – Fixing straps for a luggage rack or for folding it when empty.
  • – Padlock length: 53 cm.
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