Setting up

How is my IWEECH bike delivered?

IWEECH bikes are safely packed in a box and do not require any assembling. Just open the box, take your IWEECH out of it, press on the rotating stem button and ride…

When will my IWEECH bike be delivered?

Your bike will be delivered within 7 to 15 days at the most unless we mention temporarily a special delay on our website. Our delivery partner will contact you to arrange a delivery date that suits you.

Do I have to declare my IWEECH bike before use?

Yes, by using the IWEECH mobile app. Just download the app, and go to “register a new IWEECH” to enter the bike ID of your IWEECH.

Do I need the IWEECH mobile app to ride my IWEECH?

With the exception of registration, you don’t need the app to use your IWEECH, it’s our great pride to be able to offer you the easiest to access ebike on the market. You can use it without your phone, using the NFC tag to disarm the “lock” and the “smart button” to manage everything. You’ll have direct access to i.ride and free ride modes. However, using your IWEECH mobile app will give you access to more advanced features of your IWEECH.

How do my IWEECH goes ON and OFF?

If unlocked and on standby mode, just move it and IWEECH will automatically switch to “ON” mode then you only have to pedal and IWEECH takes care of everything. When stopped, the bike will automatically enter standby mode after 2 minutes of no activity. Warning: the alarm will not be activated automatically. The bike will only be armed if you use your NFC key or the padlock in the IWEECH mobile app. If the bike is on storage mode you will have to press the smart button to wake up your IWEECH.

How the rotating stem works?

To use IWEECH exclusive rotating stem, you just need to press the button on the side with one single click and rotate it. As an emblematic part of the brand, all IWEECH stems are blue.

How do the lights work?

You can change the light settings in app.
Auto ON: lights turn ON and OFF according to level of darkness automatically
ON/OFF: you need to switch them ON or OFF manually on the app

Can I share my bike with someone else?

You can easily share your bike with family and friends. Just ask them to download the app and log in using your current IWEECH account. An important point to keep in mind is that only one person can be connected via Bluetooth to the bike at a time. Therefore, always make sure to completely close the application or disable Bluetooth on the first device to free up the connection and allow the second phone to connect to the bike.

How to ride my IWEECH safely?

Always remember that your IWEECH bike is different from a conventional bike. Your bike has a strong engine in the mid hub which requires you to approach curbs and sidewalks with care, and specially under wet conditions. In addition, the rotation of the stem sometimes takes some time to break in, we invite you to check that it locks well in “driving” mode (a small “click” is audible).