Mobile app

Is my phone compatible with the IWEECH app?

We have developed an Android application and an iOS application. For iOS, the IWEECH app requires an iPhone 5S or newer, and supports all OS from iOS 11. For Android, we support all versions from Lollipop 5.0.
The best way to verify that your phone is compatible with our app is to open the App Store or Google Play, search for “IWEECH bike” and download the app.

How is the connection between the bike and the application established?

The connection between the bike and the application is established via Bluetooth (BTLE Blue Tooth Low Energy to save battery). When bluetooth is not activated on your phone, the application will automatically ask you to activate it to connect to the bike.

What are the features I can access with the IWEECH app?

Through IWEECH app you access to all IWEECH intelligent features and interact with the bike. You access the exclusive IWEECH smart gauge that informs you about destinations you can really reach on a map, it replaces the usual “% of battery left” gauges, you also access the riding dashboards with real time battery level gauge and speedometer system. Using the app you also access the padlock with the anti-theft tracking system plus all IWEECH intelligent dashboards for ride’s survey and components status. The app allows you to register your IWEECH and declare the wifi network(s) you want your IWEECH to use for exchange log and firmware releases.

What is firmware and why upgrade IWEECH firmware?

Firmware contained within the IWEECH bike provides the program that controls the operations. Firmware upgrades are necessary to fix bugs and/or add or improve functionalities. Upgrading firmware to the latest available version will ensure the best possible performances for your IWEECH. Firmware releases are wireless and automatically done through the internet when necessary if your bike is connected to the wifi (use the app to connect)

What happens if my phone has no battery?

Nothing will happen because IWEECH is made to be agnostic of the smartphone use. You can always start and stop, lock and unlock the bike and use all the riding modes of your IWEECH without your phone. if you use your smartphone and it turns off during your ride, the bike will continue to operate normally. Just use the smart button while riding and at the arrival to manage the IWEECH mode you want and then the NFC tag to lock and unlock your bike. IWEECH is very simple and very smart at the same time.

How can I attach my phone to the bike?

Smartphones can be attached to the handlebar with any bike holder for smartphone. As the case model, the one you need to choose depends on your smartphone. Therefore we do not include a default one with the bike. Such an accessory is not necessary to use the bike. Once the bike is on, you can simply leave your phone in your pocket and ride. We will provide soon smartphone bike holders on our website (see accessories section).