Do you offer warranty?

Your IWEECH benefits from a legal guarantee of two years from the delivery of the product in accordance with the conditions defined by the legislation in force. An additional 3 year commercial warranty (i.e. 5 years) applies to the frame and fork only, on all models. The warranty covers all original components against defects in workmanship and materials (for example, if the products do not match the description in the user manual or advertising). Claims on this point must be made directly to IWEECH. We will replace or repair items with a defect throughout the warranty period. If replacement is not possible, if the repair cost is excessive or it is impossible to deliver within a reasonable time, you have the right to request a price reduction or cancellation of the sales contract. During the first six months of your warranty, you do not have to prove that the defect was present when you purchased the product. The warranty does not cover improper assembly or installation of the product by the user; improper use, operation or transformation of the product; maintenance contrary to maintenance instructions (for example, forgetting brake maintenance); normal wear and tear defects inherent to the normal life of the product, such as a discharged battery that can be replaced by the consumer; damage or defects due to accidents. For more information see warranty section on the website.